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Regulus, known as the heart of the lion, is the brightest star in the constellation Leo. As one of the most illuminant lights in the sky, it is distinguished from other stars in the atmosphere.

Elevate Your Business to New Heights

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At Regulus Financial Group, we believe in empowering advisors to be that independent shining star, not just an unrecognizable employee of the firm. Our brand is a promise to be at the heart of every business relationship and to shine brightly for every advisor to be proud of their affiliation.


Our Mission

Fostering integrity, innovation and independence though our consistent commitment to helping those we serve.

Our Vision

We understand that the advisor is our client. We realize that we need to provide exemplary service for client issues, commonsense compliance, and cutting-edge technology that will leverage your time and talents.

We add value to your practice and increased quality of life by being “advisor-centric.” Relationships between management, operations and our affiliates are paramount for our success.

Our Core Values

We value the highest ethical standards

We value a commitment to excellence

We value respect for individuals

We value investment in our people

We value accountability

We value humor

We are an integrity-based organization that puts you, your family, and/or your business as our primary focus. We want relationships and friendships to generate from every business encounter. We want to increase the quality of your life.

A man’s character is his fate.



Increase Your Quality of Life

For some, it’s the freedom to attend every ball game and dance recital. For others, it’s creating a profitable practice to sell in the twilight of their career. No matter what ideals you have in mind to live a quality life, our mission is to empower you to build the business that will get you there.

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Contact us for a confidential conversation to explore how Regulus can help you take your business to the next level.